65mm & 90mm | 6 colours

The Smuggler

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The Smuggler is a water blooping, rattling, walker with an incredible life-like swimming bird action. Fitted with a long trailing tail to simulate tail feathers, a matching head feather and colours to imitate the most common birds that big fish feed on. As The Smuggler walks, the wings will splash and make a very noticeable blooping noise while the wide body action will attract the attention of any nearby fish. Matched with Ultra strong BKK hooks and an extremely robust body, The Smuggler is ready for battle.


The Smugglers topwater walking action produces an audible “Blooping” sound, and creates splash and commotion that calls out nearby predatory fish.


The Metal wings on The Smuggler are molded to produce a high pitched intensity commotion that will entice a variety of gamefish species. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Austin S
Fantastic Topwater Lure

The Smuggler is one of if not my favorite topwater lure to throw when conditions are right. The action on it is second to none - the "ploop ploop ploop" it makes is irresistible to hungry bass. I've traditionally used the Sparrow color in the smaller 2.5" size, but just got a 3.5" in the Budgie color after the restock so I'm excited to see how that one does.

The only reason I went with 4 instead of 5 stars is that your line tends to get caught on the bird's feet and treble hooks a decent amount which ruins the flapping action, and the paint on the front-facing side of its wings flakes off after a while.

James F Brand Jr
Out of stock

It’s nice that you have the 20% off of the 90 mm smugglers but they’re out of stock. I ordered five of these before Christmas and then try to order five more can’t get them. Are you gonna run the 20% discount when they’re back in stock other than that, this is a very nice bait to make them they catch they catch big fish I give you 100% rating when they are in stock

Paul van der Westhuizen
The Smuggler

Had to wait 3 months for mine as I am in South Africa and family that visited had to bring it back for me, shipping would have been a deal killer.
The Smuggler was packaged very well, and the people I have showed the bait is very impressed with the quality. Managed to catch one bass on it, will be more productiveater in the season as our winter was a bit longer so spawning was slow. Once the fish are all of beds and ready to feed I will definitely be ready with the Smuggler. Watch this space. Thanks again for the epic bait and good service.
South Africa.

Colin Johnston

Really nice looking lures i will probably get more of use

Greg Dadej

Beautiful bait and very effective. For every angler. . It does not require any extraordinary skills. The bait comes in a reasonable number of interesting colors. Sold by an excellent seller. I recommend it to everyone.