Chasebaits Armour Prawn Breakdown

Introducing The Armour Prawn

The Armour Prawn is the newest addition to our prawn lure range, designed to be ultra sturdy to battle even bigger, stronger fish. Built for anglers that love the ultra lifelike presentation of the FLICK PRAWN, and want to take it a step further with a hardbody lure built so tough that it can take on anything thrown at it, again and again. Available in 110mm and 85mm.

Watch Mat Baxter from Bowly's Fishing break down and review the Armour Prawn


  • Hard paddle tail for stabilisation and kick
  • Mid-towpoint for vibe action
  • Front tow-point for glide/twitch action
  • Kevlar cloth with hard segmented tail. 


The Armour Prawn has the most realistic profile that you’re going to find on a hard body prawn lure. Nylon feelers have replaced the TPE plastic on the FLICK PRAWN to bolster their textural realism, and it boasts UV colours and painted eyes for additional lifelike touches. It’s hard flicking tail adds a more natural movement that rounds off the lure with a balance between accurate action and structural integrity.


The Armour Prawn has a mid-towpoint for a hard, tight vibrating action, and a front tow point for a gliding and twitching action. When rigged as a vibe, and retrieving with long lifts or short hops - it will shimmy and vibrate on the pull, then sink down naturally with the belly weight. The segmented tail (joined with kevlar cloth) will also flick up and down as it’s pulled through the water, and allow for a natural kick and stable sink whilst the rear hook keeper holds the treble in place.


Every angler knows the frustration (especially when you’re fishing in deeper water and sinking your vibe right down) of getting your treble hooks tangled and snagged on the pull. It’s not only frustrating, but translates to less time with your lure in the water and a higher chance of missing out on potential strikes. The Armour Prawn’s rear treble hook holder solves that problem, and means less time reeling your lure back in and untangling line. Plus because the rear trebles are angled backwards, if a fish is only taking nibbles at the tail of the lure they still have high chance of getting hooked.

Target Species

No matter where you are in Australia, there isn’t much you can’t catch on this versatile lure - anything with prawns in its diet will have a crack at the Armour Prawn. You can use them to target anything from barramundi to mangrove jacks, fingermarks, coral trout, snapper, jewfish, thread fin, flathead, and more. 

How To Fish

Use the front tow point to glide across the flats or use the rear tow point for hard vibing action to really get some attention. When you’re fishing this as a vibe you could be fishing anywhere from 1m to 50m+ depending on the terrain. A lot of the time you’ll be targeting fish that are sitting near the bottom, and aiming to jig the lure in their face, sending off vibrations that can trigger a reaction strike. This bait will execute well along top rock bars, on sand edges, mud banks, deeper water, around structure, and reefs. There's not too many scenarios you can't fish the Armour Prawn in.

Picking Size & Colour

The Armour Prawn comes in 8 colours and two sizes - the 110mm (25g) and the 85mm (13g). So if there’s a common prawn species in your area it’s best to match the colouring and dimensions to them.