Meet Team Chasebaits: Mick Kovarik

Meet Team Chasebaits: Mick Kovarick

Everything You Need To Know

Building a name for himself in the Freshwater fishing game, we asked Mick Kovarick the questions so that you didn't have to.

Chasebaits: Where did it all begin, How did throwing a line into the ocean become you job/hobbie?
Mick: I started fishing as young as I can remember. However, I picked up lure fishing about 18 years ago and have loved it ever since.

Chasebaits: Where is your favourite spot? Or second favourite if you want to keep it a secret?
Mick: My favorite fishing spot would have to be the QLD/NSW border rivers, that has become my second home. Camping and fishing along those rivers is just amazing.

Chasebaits:  What's your favourite fish to catch?
Mick: Murray Cod is definitely my number one species to target… Still looking for that meter plus fish!

Chasebaits: What’s your go-to setup for that fish?
Mick: I’ll usually run 2 setups, 1 is a Shimano Zodias 175H with a Shamino Tranx 200, 30lb Suffix 832 braid and 30lb Shogun Ice clear leader. This setup runs either the Chasebaits 90mm Smuggler or 165mm Propduster. The second is an Okuma Komodo 661XH with another Shimano Tranx spooled with the same braid/leader, this one I’ll usually run the Chasebaits new Flacid Shads with and without a jig spin attached to it. Both have been outstanding!

Chasebaits: What's your number #1 tip for anglers/best advice you’ve been given?
Mick: My best advice for anyone would have to be, more time on the water equals more fish. Find an area and keep fishing it even if you don’t catch anything. Over time you’ll crack a pattern and start to work them out. Patients is a virtue.

Chasebaits: Do you have a dream fishing spot? What would you expect to catch there?
Mick: Oh, so many. Up north chasing barra again, they elude me all too well.

Chasebaits: What is your best fishing memory?
Mick:Would have to be catching my PB Mangrove Jack measuring at 62cm on 2kg test. Not a bad Tarpon by-catch.

Mick's Picks 

The Flacid Shad



The Drunken Mullet