Meet The Team: The Grennan Boys

Meet Nate & Wade Grennan! 

Question: Where did it all begin, when did you start fishing? 
Wade and I were introduced to lure fishing at the age of 5. We started on basic saltwater species, such as Bream and Flathead, but now almost exclusively chase Murray Cod and Bass.
Question: Where is your favourite spot? Or second favourite if you want to keep it a secret? 
Wade - My favourite fishing spot would have to be in the New England area chasing Skinny Water Murray Cod.
Nate - I would have to say my favourite fishing spot would have to be chasing Bass in the Clarence River, preferably out of a kayak.
Question: What's your favourite species of fish to target?
Wade and I would both have to agree that targeting Bass and Murray Cod would have to be the most enjoyable thing to do.
Question: What’s your go-to setup for that fish?
Bass - Light Baitcaster and Spin Rod outfit, with 8lb line and 10lb leader
Murray Cod - 13 Fishing Muse Black Medium Heavy Rod with a Concept Z SLD Gen 2 Baitcast Reel, loaded with Suffix 832
Question: What's your number #1 tip for anglers/best advice you’ve been given?
Wade - Never give up and don't let your brother out fish you?
Nate - Study and learn your target species. Use quality tackle, and fish for the future
Question: Do you have a dream fishing spot?
Wade - I would love to get up to Cape York to target Barramundi and Mangrove Jack.
Nate - In the future I would love to visit Florida and target Largemouth Bass and the Bullseye Snakehead.
Question: What is your favourite fishing memory? 
Wade - My favourite fishing memory would have to be catching my biggest skinny water Murray Cod on topwater.
Nate - I would have to say either catching my PB Murray Cod out of a kayak or my 1st ever Kingfish off the rocks.

Nate & Wade's Top Picks